Organizations need an Information Security Office
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Organizations need an Information Security Office

00:36 06 March in Business, Cyber Security, Information Security

Whether your organization is large or small, there needs to be a plan to ensure the security of your information assets, such as intellectual property, employee and customer personal data.  Multinational companies large and small, local, state and federal agencies and non-profits need an Information Security Office now more than ever.  These organizations have thousands of personal records that belong to employees and clients along with secret information.

Having a security program provides the structure for keeping your company at the desired security level by assessing the risks you face, and formulating various plans on deciding how you will mitigate these risks.  Also, a formal plan will allow you to keep the program and your security practices up to date.

As technology continues to grow, it is providing us with numerous advantages such as mobile and cloud computing.  With these increasing benefits, the risk of information theft and data loss increases, and businesses need help in managing and controlling such risks so that confidential data and intellectual property is safeguarded.  In recent research, it was found that most cases of data loss involved the company’s employees.  An employee that is not aware of the various types of threats can fall prey to someone pretending to be a colleague or business that represents itself as safe to do business with.  Having an information security office can assist with training employees and give them the tools and knowledge necessary to combat data loss and to secure the company’s jewels.  Employees should be aware of their company’s policies and procedures so that they can be vigilant and careful when handling company business; these items are all part of your overall security posture and these efforts are led by an Information Security Office.

Organizations should encourage employees to pay special attention to the company’s infrastructure and security policies as employees are the first line of defense when it comes to securing the company’s data and secret information from outsiders.  There should be an authorized Information Security Office in every organization that has oversight into how the organization ensures the security of its information assets.  Think you don’t have anything of value to protect?  Think again.  The value of your organization lies with how well you protect your assets, and your data is your most valuable asset.  Your data may be regulated by the government and other programs, such as patents.  The key asset that an Information Security Office helps to protect is your data — and the integrity of your business is your data.

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