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Who We Are

Here at InfoSense Group, we believe that technology combined with the right resources gives our organization a significant competitive advantage in this today’s business world.


Our focus is understanding each client’s business goals and offers solutions that are cost effective and efficient, and we execute projects from planning phase to completion.

Why InfoSense Group?

InfoSense Group has gone through extensive measures to ensure our company and service offerings are available to your organization through our many partnerships.  We are continuously exploring new strategic partnerships that make our company even more readily available to any organization.


We inspire confidence by collaborating with our customers to ensure that their goals are achieved.  By fostering a mutual partnership with our customers, this provides InfoSense Group with a dynamic platform of domain knowledge that assists us in generating new business offerings.

Our Culture & Values

InfoSense Group’s values have governed the way we do business and drives our culture. We understand that only by providing outstanding support to our consultants and partners we can deliver superior results to our clients. We have created an environment based on shared values that:


  • Our customers come first – no exception
  • Continuous innovation and improvement across the organization
  • Maximizing our relationships through collaboration so our collective efforts exceed those of the individual
  • Setting and achieving a high standard of excellence in the information security community
  • To display integrity by holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and professional standards
  • To maintain a position of honesty by using truthful communications and trustworthy actions with our clients and partners
  • To show respect and understanding to everyone we interact with


Your information security is our business and InfoSense Group, LLC is committed to supporting organizations in all industries protect and safeguard their data.